Mobily Annual Report 2017

Strategic Review

Strategy and KPIs

2017 saw the introduction of a new corporate strategy, in the form of RISE. RISE follows four overarching strategic tracks: to regain commercial strength (R); to ignite customer experience and digital excellence (I); to strive to gain agility and efficiency (S); and to enable world-class execution (E).

To achieve the objectives of RISE, Mobily has clarified its fundamental purpose, which is anchored around a set of customer-oriented priorities that distinguish it from the competition. The building blocks for Mobily’s purpose are threefold:

  • Our Saudi identity, based on the pride, admiration, and positive association that the Kingdom’s consumers have with leading Saudi brands. Mobily is proud to be one such brand
  • A better choice, giving consumers the choice of superior services and products. Mobily is the Saudi telecoms market’s original challenger brand
  • A better life, with Mobily’s services both functionally and emotionally vital to consumers. By providing a superior mobile and internet offer, Mobily has a meaningful impact on subscribers’ lives

RISE will ultimately drive a turnaround at Mobily. Our strategic priorities are aimed at improving our brand, better segmenting our customers, revamping our product offering and enhancing our distribution network. These will result in a strong and meaningfully differentiated brand promise, clear and distinct segments focused on products and services, and a superior distribution architecture.

By overhauling our customer service model, we will deliver a segmented and personalized customer experience (CEX), supported by fully digitalized customer interactions. Extensive IT and network enhancements will create a more agile and streamlined IT infrastructure and a future-proof network with the capacity to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. By refreshing our internal culture and capabilities, Mobily will achieve a leadership position that attracts talent, streamlines operational processes and ensures balanced governance.

The path ahead

RISE’s initiatives will be executed through a phased approach, which began in 2017:


With the Company ‘back on track’, we began strengthening our foundations. This will be achieved by creating a new positioning for a more powerful brand and tailoring value propositions for all subscriber types. We have made major improvements to our call centers, and are enhancing our sales and distribution network by upgrading our owned shops and franchises, as well as revamping our indirect and wholesale channels. A culture of efficiency within Mobily will lead to an improved operating model, while the transformation of our IT infrastructure will enhance agility and increase capacity for growth.


From 2018 to 2019, we will focus on impressing our subscribers by achieving excellence in customer experience. Customer-centric business processes will enhance the customer journey, supported by a seamless omnichannel experience. This experience will be further improved by the background of a simplified IT landscape and a digital-first mindset, which will have a basis in strong and informed business intelligence and market analytics.

2019 and beyond

Mobily’s future is to be one of the most admired Saudi companies, creating superior value for stakeholders. This will be achieved by the delivery of world-class performance. Mobily will lead the market by being the first to introduce innovative new products and services, while achieving a fair share in higher-end segments. The Company will provide a superior digital offering and a future-proof network, ranking among the Kingdom’s most sought after employers with a lean asset base that is fully monetized.